Monday, June 27, 2011

I will love you like a Monday

To all of you whom particularly despise that which is "Monday" I must concur, because Monday has always been my FAVORITE day of the week. I don't really have a solid explanation for it, Monday has just always seemed to bless me with surprising joy time and time again; This Monday has proved to be no different. Chris and I were elated to receive the great news this morning, of the acceptance of a job Chris had interviewed with several days ago. He has been hunting for a new, more stable job for a couple of months now, and was really pulling for this one! I'm so proud of my hubs and smitten to see him so excited about such a blessed opportunity.

This wonderful news not only brings forth a new job for Chris, but also gives us the green light for the next stage of our marriage, which is trying for  "Baby Sutton". No bun in the oven just yet, but we are now officially trying and hope to be able to share even more exciting news with ya'll in the (very) near future. With that said, just like the wedding I have already begun planning, and searching for unique baby gear, trying not to get too far ahead of myself (but come on, IT'S JUST SO EXCITING!) While out and about this afternoon, I just had to take a glimpse of the baby department, (just to look, I swear) and I came across the "CLEARANCE" section; which is always tempting. When all was said and done I left the store with only one baby-related item, and it was only because it was too cute to pass up; plus part of the proceeds go to a charitable cause!
                            (PERFECTLY NEUTRAL FOR OUR MYSTERY BUN-TO-BE)

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