Sunday, June 26, 2011

Has it already been a month....really?

 This weekend has been a constant reminder of just how lucky I feel to be a wife, at such a vivid time in my life! Yesterday, we soaked up the sun with Chris's side of the family, for our "post" wedding shower and enjoyed good food and even better company. It was such a gorgeous day outside and it made me so thankful for all of the in-laws I have gained in the past month, especially since they're all so sweet and welcoming! Plus, we received lots of household goodies, we were in desperate need of!
  Today became ROUND 2 of shower madness, and lots and lots of love, with all of my side of the family! My ever so wonderful parents have done so much for me and they never cease to amaze me; today was no different. I got to see all of my family and friends beautiful faces, and sadly missed a few as well, but all in all it was the perfect day. My mom really knows what makes me melt, displaying a chocolate candy bar and a vegan buffet! Everything was so tasty, and as I always do I ate way to much; but I guess I can let it slide for one weekend.
    It's amazing how tired you can get JUST from socializing, but boy were Chris and I beat after it was all over. We came home, stashed away all of our lovely gifts and played a bit with our precious Cee Cee, whom after a long afternoon of being alone, was quite pleased to see us. It's insane to think that so much has already happened in only ONE month of being married, and too think there is potentially so much more that may happen in the next few!

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