Thursday, June 30, 2011

Simple Summer

I've always been a fairly easy girl to please, so it's no surprise that on a beautiful Summer day, driving around in my car listening to music is what I tend to enjoy most. I love the feeling of jumping in the car with no plans, no destinations, and just taking some personal time to reflect whether with music, or complete silence. Today after work I created my own journey, driving through small towns, and back country roads, taking lots of time to think and indulge with some road tunes. It's the simple things like quenching your thirst with a can of soda, discovering a new song that reminds you of old memories, and thinking about the people you love dearly that make me happiest.

Because I enjoy driving and exploring the road SO much, I make sure my car is as cozy as my apartment, adorned with pictures, last minute accessories, and the perfect snack. Driving around on a gorgeous day like today, is definitely something to put high(if not first) on my list of favorite things about Summer!
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