Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thats just LIFE

This weekend has gone by far too quickly just like every other before it, and now I'm preparing myself for yet another full week of work. After a busy Saturday selling jeans, I just wanted a relaxing, low key night at the movies. With Raisonettes and Hubs in tow, we chose to see "The Art of Getting By", starring  Emma Roberts, and baby-faced Freddie Highmore. As if the opening credits didn't spark my attention, playing The Shin's cover of "We Become Silhouettes" , the constant hits of dry humor, and quirkiness of characters certainly did.With a delightful mixed cast of fresh faces, and some New York charm, It may not be on the top of crtics' choice this year, but it was certainly a perfect movie for a quite Saturday night.

Today, was no different in that I could hardly get myself off the couch due to some much needed rest, but I mustered up a bit of strength to grab some coffee,strike up some conversation, and even play a little LIFE at one of our local coffee shops. (as long as there's good coffee, im happy) No evening is complete without some good food, so the sweets and I met up with our friend Cidney, and her lovely boyfriend  at BJ'S Brewery (I can't get enough of their yummy veggie burger and fries!) A beautiful day, with some even more beautiful company!It's nice to know we have some amazing  friends and family in our lives!


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