Saturday, July 16, 2011


It's now the weekend, and officially only three days away from seeing the Hubby once again! For the past two weeks I've consumed my time with lots of music,shopping,movies and coffee dates. In those two weeks, I've been reconnected to some old obsessions, and introduced to new ones!

The ever-lovely Chaz Chew, made me watch "The Dutchess", and now I can't get enough of it! It's an absolutely stunning movie, that I'll most likely watch a couple more times in the coming weeks!

While browsing the vinyl section at "Half Price Books", I stumbled across U2's "War", a classic favorite of mine .I couldn't resist snatching it up, and adding it to my collection.

On a recent visit to the local antique mall, and my un-dying love for anything chocolate related, I fell smitten for these vintage candy tins.

I have collected so many thrift store finds in my lifetime, but this belt I found a few years back regains the top spot time and time again. I wear it with almost everything, and the detail is so fun!
Lately, I'm really digging the concept of adding phrases to art, like this piece hanging on the walls at Joe's Jeans Registered & Protected


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