Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top Five : Around the House Edition

I'm constantly running across new things that make me smile, and over the years I have collected, or received some of which are currently focal pieces throughout our home.

Hot air balloons have always been a favorite of mine. Ever since I was a kid, I was always so fascinated with them, so when a friend of mine gave me this coffee mug a few years back, I WAS SMITTEN! Although I so many amazing mugs, my hot air balloon one always steals the top spot, time and time again.

I know this doesn't exactly qualify with the rest of the items throughout this post, but the snack I can't get enough of lately, is fresh fruit salad. I've been eating it almost everyday, and it's just something about sunny days that make it a staple for the Summer!

Probably one of my best thrift finds ever, was an espresso machine I snatched up for only seven dollars, a year ago. It works just like new and I love experimenting with fun, new drinks. Not to mention these shiny, chrome espresso cups and saucers I bought from Ikea recently, are the perfect accent!

Our little Cee Cee is getting SO big already! Now when she jumps on my head every morning to wake me up, it actually is starting to hurt; She's definitely a troublemaker but keeps us on our feet.I just want her to stay a kitten!

I've gotten a lot of lip for my strong love for cows, but especially for my love for collecting vintage "cow creamers". I bought my first one a few years ago, and a few more since then. Since I don't go cow crazy around the house I think only having a few creamers placed on the stove isn't so bad! They're just so darn cute!

What are some of YOUR favorite personal touches around the house? I'd love to hear about em!

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