Monday, July 11, 2011

An Afternoon in Mt. Adams

                    Although hot temperatures have never been my forte, it was far too beautiful to stay indoors yesterday. It's been awhile since my Seester and I  have had the chance to spend some one on one time together, so we headed towards the city in search of an adventure. I will admit, the heat can get the best of me, but I enjoy the nature no matter the temperature, so we made a quick stop(bathroom break) at Eden Park. Surprisingly, the park was overwhelmed with people, so we took a brief walk snapping some photos and catching up on whats new in each other's lives.
 Brittany brings out a rare side of me not many in my life get to experience, because around her I'm always going to be that weird little baby sister.But aside from being family, she's always been my friend and the older we both become, the closer we seem to get. She is one in a million and has enough personality for the both of us. It's difficult for me to stay serious around her, because we usually find something to laugh at in ANY situation, which has been known to get us into trouble. Brittany is also such an inspiration to me, with all the charitable causes she's constantly involved in, and the pure love she has for people. She's definitely someone I look up to in life, and strive to be like more and more everyday. I love my big sis so very much!
 After a short while, we jumped in the car and headed up hill to Mt. Adams, one of the most beautiful spots in Cincinnati. Chris took me to the tippy top of Mt. Adams on our second date, so it has been close to my heart ever since, and I was excited to revisit with Brittany. The heat not only made us sweaty, but it also made us hungry so we made a pit stop at Teak, a sushi hot spot according to several friends of mine. The eatery itself was so cozy among the surrounding buildings, with a mellow atmosphere, and Asian/rustic infused decor. The food itself was top notch, especially their Miso soup which was some of the best I've ever tasted! It was an afternoon well spent, with the perfect sidekick. Registered & Protected

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