Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Flair

This Friday treated me quite well, I must say; not like others don't, but today was extra special. I finally settle down at home with the anticipation of the hubs getting home from work, and a few antique treasures I can't wait to share.

My morning started out like most, Cee Cee jumping on my head(seriously), and an extra tall coffee.
I headed out to my home away from HOME, for a short morning shift at work, followed by the endless possibilities of what the afternoon would bring.
The mall was buzzing with eager customers, excellent 4th of July bargains, and the overwhelming smell of kettle corn

After a short-lived work day, I was more than ready to indulge in the day, so what better than to go thrifting. I met up with my lovely friend Cidney, and introduced her to the local antique mall. From one avid thrifter to another, I knew she'd fall in love the second she'd step foot inside, and obviously, she did! There's never a time when I'll pass up a good ole antique field trip, and who says you can have too many Bowie vinyls?!?
As it's bound to happen going through other people's trash, we stumbled upon many odd and/or bizarre finds. Who wouldn't want a one of a kind, Matin Luther King Jr. cardboard fan!? No, I didn't buy it but one thing that never fails to amuse me , is how you can sell pretty much anything these days.

No visit to the antique mall would be complete without purusing the booths adorned with old children's toys and novelties. With babies on the brain I just couldn't help myself, gushing over toys like this one below.

Not to mention I was smitten over all the hand sewn handkerchiefs, aprons, and quilts!
So smitten in fact, I had to snatch up one of the dainty aprons, perfect to wear for when I experiment with some new baking recipes!

One of my favorite items I came across, was an adorable, wooden rocking horse, that was nearly impossible to resist.
And of course no long afternoon of thrifting is complete without a coffee date. It's days like today when I'm reminded just how lucky I am to have such amazing friends, and how I can't wait to have many more days like this one in the future!

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