Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Homemade Granola Bars

I've always been known to get my late night sweet cravings, ever since I was a kid, and last night proved no different. I had yet to use my recently purchased Kitchenaide, so experimenting with a new recipe was a sure win . I originally planned on some sort of muffin(because I'm obsessed) but decided on trying my hand at chewy, homemade granola bars. My mom had been so kind to give me a share of fresh cherries she had just purchased, and luckily I had some healthy and  flavorful options already at home. Having a cabinet full of baking  supplies on hand at ALL times is a must for me, and I love the idea of exploring unique flavor combinations, each time I'm in the kitchen. Soon thereafter my granola bars were all done, and I was quite pleased with what I managed to create. Baking is such an outlet me, whether my day is good or bad, I love channeling that into something I create in the kitchen. My mother and trusty taste tester, visited me this afternoon and informed me that they were delicious, so I'll be making a quick stop at the grocery tomorrow so I can whip up another batch! Registered & Protected

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