Sunday, July 31, 2011

Past, Future, Present

It's been several days since I last wrote and it's insane just how emotional, and challenging this entire week has been. I've had a few run-ins with old friends lately, and it baffles me on just how much I have truly changed in the past year. To say I've been "reflecting" on my life, is an understatement, but nevertheless I've done a lot of  analyzing lately. There's been a strong sense of nostalgia brewing inside of me, re-discovering old passions, dragging out old mixed cd's and thinking about past friendships, that have seemed to disappear  throughout the years.Among this list of things, I realize certain things I'd love to re-focus on and others in which I need to leave in the past.It's incredibly important to Chris and I both, to make sure we're not only living our "married" life to the fullest as a pair, but also our personal lives as individuals. We sat down last night and decided to make a list of aspirations/goals(big and small)
  2. Give away things we don't use/need
  3. Create our own Art
  4. Take our long, overdue Honeymoon
  5. Get matching Tattoos
  6. Learn to make Sushi
  7. See a Broadway Show
  8. Go to more Concerts
  9. Paint the Apartment
  10. Surprise each other, everyday.
    I couldn't help but share this picture Chris captured of Cee-Cee, yesterday. Both were keeping me company, while I got dolled up for date night, and Cee-Cee was being very curious. This picture makes me laugh so hard, and I can't get over her adorable kitty "stink" face.

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