Friday, July 22, 2011

Just a gal and her "Philly" cheese-steak.... in Cincinnati

 Chris is BACK and golly did I miss the boy! We both happened to be off work today, so we did what we do, window shop, and complain about how much we hate these high temps!! I was thrilled to finally  introduce his taste buds to "Melt", a charming (and veg head friendly!) eatery in Northside. My most highly recommended item on the menu is the "vegan Philly cheese-steak" with a side of "rainbow slaw", which creates the perfect combination of flavors! My carnivorous husband, opted for the "Joan of Arc" piled high with roast beef, blue cheese, red peppers, and more! After our bellies were full, we headed across the street to "Shake It, Records", to browse vinyls and even buy a few to add to the collection. On the list, some "Black Keys"," Iggy Pop", and of course" The Smiths". Ending  the night right, I have a kitten falling asleep in my lap, and a husband serenading me with a guitar. GOODNIGHT ALL, AND MUCH LOVE! Registered & Protected

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