Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Our state tree, is an orange cone"

As unfortunate as it might be, losing touch with friends can be easy to do when LIFE distracts and consumes you. Although we went a few months without contact, I was thrilled when I received a text message from an old friend, yesterday. Luckily, both of our schedules allowed us some time to meet and catch up, which was a total breath of fresh air. Chaz and I met a year or so ago, because I was an over-committed Starbucks customer, and he was my highly debonair, barista. Daily coffee runs, helped us get to know each other, and eventually over time, we developed a charming  friendship. Staying true to our "roots", we met up this morning for some coffee, laughing and chatting for hours.All of that talking stirred up our appetites, and absolutely no visit with Chaz is complete without a sushi date!We decided on Thai Taste, a quaint eatery that is near and dear to our hearts and of course, our palettes! It was such a lovely afternoon, that served as the perfect distraction and pick me up from everyday troubles.  I'm honored to know such a talented, honest person, and it totally brightened my day to see my Chazzy! There will be no more separation for the both of us, we are definitely sticking together this time! Registered & Protected

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