Wednesday, July 27, 2011


These past couple of days have been devoted to lots of  movie watching, which has made the Sutton apartment into a cozy theater.One of my favorite things about being married(well other than the fact that... I'm married) is the extensive movie library we now have after combining both of our personal collections.It becomes quite overwhelming when trying to pick just ONE movie to watch, but nevertheless, we mesh pretty well, and inevitably so do our opinions about films. Among the extensive list of "MUST SEE" movies for Chris, was "Exit Through the Gift Shop", "Hard Candy", "Babel" and " 500 Days of Summer". Tonight, I'm thinking a Japanese thriller...

Today we braved the heat wave, enjoying a nice afternoon outside, sipping down sweating iced coffees, conversing about comic book characters, among other (nerdy) topics.It was a nice break from work related stress on both of our ends, not to mention there's always great "people-watching" that goes down at JJ's
 Tomorrow will be exactly two months since Chris and I married, and already there have been many changes in our life together. With new jobs, and lots of talk about babies, there's no telling what our lives will be like in another two months, down the road! Life is just so exciting, especially when you have your best friend alongside. Registered & Protected

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