Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crystal Clear Afternoon

Last nights festivities are impossible to talk/type about without having a huge smile on my face. The Seester and I made a trip up to Columbo, to witness the magical duo known as Crystal Castles. This, being our second time seeing them live and being even more excited than the first.Two hours full of pulsating lights, a room full of fog, sweaty fans, ringing ears,and one very charming lead singer. We made our way back to the car, and began our journey back home overwhelmed by the memories of the night .
After a heart throbbing, over-caffeinated night like last night, I needed this morning for relaxation and hubby time. With both hair, and mood up, I headed out for the morning coffee, and a little Target field trip with Chris before he headed off to work. These days just fly by lately, and especially the moments I don't want to let go of. Registered & Protected

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