Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heads or Fishtails?

EEK! Where is my week going, and how can I rewind it?  It's Wednesday already, and the remainder of my week is packed full of "to-do's".

Although the daunting thought of Sunday is just around the corner, Chris and I have made the most out of every spare moment we have together. The spare moments might be few and far between thanks to our opposite work schedules, but today we had several free hours before work, and decided to take a stroll alongside the river.(with coffee in tow, of course)
In other news, Cid and I have several photo shoots uproaching in the next week and I couldn't be more smitten!With an official name under our belts, and a handful of very helpful aquaintances, the wheels on our "little business that could" have began to roll. Soon, a webpage will be launced, business cards will be made, and one of my many passions will be my job! I'm soaking up this phase in my life for all it's worth, because I've got a good thing going here... Registered & Protected

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