Monday, August 29, 2011

(Peek)ture This: Past Weekend

After a long work week, a fun filled weekend and gorgeous weather was much needed. It just so happened to be my lovely grandmothers birthday which meant quality time with the family, and especially my crazy seester! Aside from the normal birthday behavior (food,cake,presents), the sis, little cousins, and myself all headed outside to collect buckeyes! Let's just say the kiddos were more than thrilled, and I couldn't help but giggle watching them. After searching along the ground, we discovered a few more buckeyes up in the trees, so naturally I was asked to knock them down. With a little assistance from a garden rake, I managed to shake a few more lose for them to wrestle over!
 Once the birthday bash ended, the Sees and I made our way downtown, to hit up a few of our favorite hot spots right outside of the city. No sister time is complete without a lot of laughs and a little caffeine fix, so "Sitwells" is always a MUST when visiting Clifton. An iced chai latte, and the hummus platter made my tummy very happy, and I couldn't leave without sneaking some chocolate covered espresso beans to finish it off!
The night ended at  The Esquire with one of the most breathtaking movies called, "The Tree of Life". I've been itching to see it ever since I heard about it's release, and woah was I glad i finally did! I've been told that im too critical of movies and music (which I can't really argue with), but "The Tree of Life" blew my mind on so many levels, it's hard to have anything negative to say. I'm not going to get into my personal opinion of the movie, but just  say GO SEE IT, AND TAKE A FRIEND, OR TWO, OR THREE!!!
Things may be tough around the Sutton household, and I MAY have a little(ok, BIG) case of separation anxiety, but if every weekend is like this past weekend, these next five weeks just might be a tad easier : /


  1. What a wonderful birthday celebration, love the happy photos! :)

    The Cat Hag
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  2. Looks like a pretty adventurous trip! I've seen Tree of Life and it was beyond expectations! I can watch it again and again! xoxoxoo