Sunday, August 14, 2011


With this next week quickly approaching, I'm having a tough time staying sane when I know Chris's departure is just around the corner. It seems the time we'll have to spend together,  before he leaves is growing less and less. Although these next few months are going to be challenging to say the least, I am taking on a new venture(to be announced..) which will definitely be a distraction and a very time consuming task. I'm not taking this venture on alone, but with my near and dear friend Cidney, whom has an insane amount of creativity and charm. I'm crawling with excitement to begin this journey with such a good friend, and tap into such a deep rooted passion of mine!
Also in potentially new ventures, Chris and I have been trying for a baby for about two months now, and although despite our wishes, we have yet to have any exciting news to share with everyone. But, like any other event in my life,I begin planning and organizing early and have already begun the search for unique baby goods.Speaking of....How adorable is this plush squid, my lovely friend Hannah made for my future bun-to-be! She used vintage floral fabric, and buttons for a perfect customized look, and made it  "babe-proof" by using super soft fleece. The perfect "first plush animal" for our hopefully soon to be bundle..

Aside from the anticipation of babes, my animal child is growing rapidly, and so is her curiosity. Every morning I wake up to a new surprise(mess), somewhere in the apartment.It is a rare state to see her taking a kitty nap, but when she does it tends to be in positions like this. It's a tough life for a kitty these days....

Saying "good-bye" is never easy, and a midst of everything developing in my life makes it even more bittersweet. With a business in blueprint, and talk of baby, this is yet another challenge for us in our fresh state of marriage. There are so many awesome opportunities ahead, and I can't wait to share them! Registered & Protected

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