Saturday, August 20, 2011

Triple Chocolate (Vegan) Cake

I've made my sister's birthday cake for about three years straight now, and every year she says the same thing..."LOTS OF CHOCOLATE!".The term is definitely not foreign to me, so I decided to shock everyone's taste buds and go full speed ahead with the chocolate overload. I focused on a simple chocolate cake recipe, and took it to another level (Matilda style!), adding chocolate chips, coconut milk, a hint of cinnamon, and applesauce as an egg substitute.For an extra hint of decadence, I whipped up a homemade chocolate glaze to spill over the top, and more importantly add a special flavor that meshes well with the richness of the cake!
Although, I won't be able to attend my sister's birthday celebration, (on account of work) I'm thrilled I was able to put my passion for baking to use and make her such a yummy cake! Plus, I'm always down for a chocolate challenge!
This picture makes me drool just looking at it ;) Registered & Protected

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