Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Direction

It's been four long, lonely weeks since Chris left for Atlanta, and there are two more weeks left until he comes home. This time apart, just like any, has been very tough and definitely challenging. It's hard to go throughout the entire day missing him and it has really done a number on me not only mentally, but physically as well. Whether it's keeping the communication flowing through text, phone or Skype, we have been doing our best to always stay connected, even though I'll admit it's not easy. I know in the end, this separation will only make our fresh, newlywed life more solid. It's a  bittersweet experience, but GEESH am I ready for him to be home, for lots of hugs and precious time together!
With the abundance of "ME" time I've had these past few weeks, I've managed to create my own daily routine filled with work, lot's of movie watching, cooking, writing, and you guessed it...COFFEE DATES! The transition after Chris left, was definitely strange, but I'm doing my very best to stay focused, and my dearest friends have been so amazing throughout this time.
Just as the season is changing, so seems to be my life recently; and quickly at that . My time at Joe's Jeans  is coming to a close, and new, exciting job opportunities have recently fallen into my lap. Beginning  next month, I will be collaborating with a current co-worker(and one of my favorite people in the world), along with several other lovely ladies, to be apart of Missy & Jack. I'll be popping up all over the tri-state, and even furthermore to promote and sell designer clothing/accessories, and not to mention meeting new people along the way; which is my favorite part about about all of this!
THAT'S NOT ALL! My dear friend Cidney and I have begun our venture and have been putting our heads together to start our own photography company; with our own unique spin on things! With an official name under our belts, and very helpful contacts, it is still a work in progress but we hope to be up and running very soon! All of these changes are making my head spin, but I'm so anxious to begin this new phase and to challenge myself for bigger and better things!

                                                    Now, I leave you with some ear candy....

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