Friday, September 23, 2011

Curry 101

This entry is going to be quite short (mainly because my eyes are fighting to stay open as we speak), but I just wanted to mention my laid back evening with some family. Lately, eating out is more of an occasion than a normality (and LESS expensive) for me, but tonight was the exception. The Madre, Seester, and I's taste buds decided on a little ethnic dinner date, so we braved the possible traffic and headed downtown for a "Yellow Curry" fix. The meal was delicious as expected and afterwards, we walked the streets a bit , stopping into a few boutiques along the way Naturally, I just had to peek inside "Toko Kids", and scope out all of the eco-friendly toys and baby gear! Of course, no time with my family is complete without a bit of goofing around and showing off our unique sense of humor, without a mini photo op in the streets. It was a lovely night with two amazing ladies, that doesn't happen often enough... not to mention, a refreshing change of pace and a perfect distraction. Registered & Protected

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