Friday, September 2, 2011

"Fall"-in in Love

Finally,it's that time of year when Autumn begins to "peek" through the high temps, and humidity with cool breezes and browning leaves. I've been dying to whip out my oversized knits,military jackets and chunky boots, and with every day I grow less and less patient with the thoughts of the coming season. I know my dear friend Fall, is right around the corner when it's almost bearable to lounge outdoors in the sun, and the thought of converting to HOT coffee drinks is sounding ever so cozy.
All of this anticipation of cooler temps, has not only made me tolerate Ohio a little bit longer, but has served as a reminder that mine and San Francisco's reunion is approaching quick. What began as a predetermined honeymoon, has now resulted in a "girls only" getaway with a close friend of mine. It's hard not to be stoked about such a lovely trip, but I frown at the thought of not being able to introduce my husband to my favorite city (at least at this time). Nevertheless, the darling Cidney will be accompanying me, and with Chris as a consistent thought, I will be smitten to walk the streets of my home away from home, once again.

Before I become consumed by the thought of a San Fran trip, I first have to recognize the fact that I will be seeing the Hubs in exactly one week! I shall make the trip down to (HOT)LANTA, after a separation period that has seemed far longer than it has actually been, and be with my boo once again. I sure do love,love... Registered & Protected

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