Sunday, September 11, 2011

My heart, away from home

I have only been in Atlanta for one full day, and am already leaving first thing tomorrow morning.The drive here was for the most part a blur, and I can't begin to describe just how excited I was to see my husband after three long weeks. Although, I am thankful I was able to make a trip to see him at all, I'm dreading saying goodbye, and it seems it will be a very long drive back home. The past day and a half has been absolutely perfect, and makes me never want to be apart from Chris ever again. Being around each other, literally makes me feel like were still in those first stages of dating, and it constantly reminds me of just how lucky I am to be married to such a wonderful guy.
Aside from the obvious reason I've enjoyed it here, Atlanta is such an energetic, fast paced environment, with lots of  charm and personality. I'm sad to see my trip end so soon, but I've soaked in all of the memories made in the past day and will hopefully have the chance to visit once again!

Here is a small collection of photos from my stay...
(Atlanta's hydrants are all glam)
The Vegan "Mega Veggie"
Chris and I have a tradition to try out the hot sushi spot in every new city we visit.
(Atlanta is close to the number one spot so far)
I'm always up for a stroll in the park ;)
3 more weeks, and then he's back home with me... Registered & Protected

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