Friday, October 7, 2011

'Bina" is 15!

Today my lovely niece turned 15, and WOAH does that make me feel old! It was so much fun channeling my inner teen, snatching up anything with neon animal prints, feathers, and glitter! She was all smiles while opening all of her festive gifts, and oddly enough, I think her favorite was by far the panda balloon!
It was a beautiful, low key gathering with loved ones, lots of laughs and  not to mention the gorgeous Fall weather!
Sabrina is now growing into a young lady, full of energy, and a glowing love for life. It's insane how fast time has passed, and makes me think more and more about just how hard it must be as a parent. Although "Bina" is only my niece, I caught myself thinking back to when she was just a kiddo, and missing her first few years of life.

I'm a very lucky gal, to have such an amazing girl as my niece, with a good head on her shoulders and so much potential! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, "BINA"! Registered & Protected

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