Thursday, October 13, 2011

My other home

It's been such a slow paced, rainy day today which I blame for sleeping in and cleaning entirely too much. With Chris at work, and an overly dim apartment, I decided to visit my home away from home and hang out with some lovely company at the ole "Caribou Coffee".It's just been one of those days when having the slightest bit of productivity in my system, seems so unappealing.The positive side of today, is the fact that my new found friendships with some fellow "Caribouians" has been just what I needed; serving as the perfect distraction and keeping me sane. A  mellow afternoon, with some very carefree individuals, drinking coffee, and being at peace.
Today has also been a day of revisiting old music obsessions and discovering some new ones. Here are just a few below that not only fit into this relaxing evening vibe, but will also get your feet tapping along...
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