Saturday, October 8, 2011


It may be hard to believe , but despite the abundance of  photos flooding my computer, I tend to be quite awkward in front of the lens (hints why the self timer is such a gem!). Shyness overwhelms my character, so it helps to have artistically inclined friends, who not only channel a unique sense of creativity, but help me appear to be semi-photogenic! Chaz Chew is one of those in which I speak, and together we have a similar "eye" behind the camera. For the both of us. impromptu photo shoots have become a necessity, and more importantly the perfect distraction on any given day. Although I thought my ongoing addiction to java was shameful, I find myself a bit anxious if I don't have a camera in hand, and subject matter in which to capture at my finger tips.
This afternoon,Chaz and I made our way down to "Ault Park", with a promise of a  perfect backdrop in mind; I was then introduced to a rusty, graffiti bled train track, ready for it's close-up.
Even though wearing pantie hose, may be asking for curious stares, from avid fitness passer byes, the outcome was beautiful. Just two close friends swallowed by mother nature, with a camera in hand; what gets better? Registered & Protected

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