Thursday, October 27, 2011

Through the Eyes of a Robot: Favorites Edition

It's hard to believe BUT lately I've been quite the busy gal! Between photography,time with the Hubs, friends,and my new found interest in homemade vegan desserts, I feel like my head is spinning! With my phone once again filling up with snapshots of the day to day, I figured the second edition of "Through the Eyes of a Robot" could also show some of my obsessions lately!I'm soaking in every moment, and loving every second of life!

  1. Making Chris "Breakfast in bed"
  2. Spending (rare) quality time with the Hubs
  3. Re-vamping my wardrobe at a very low cost!
  4. Cee-Cee's silly sleeping positions
  5. Friends who love to bake yummy treats just as much as I do!
  6. Listening to records on a cold, rainy afternoon
  7. Discovering tasty new eateries
  8. Dainty antique teacups to add to my collection
  9. The "moody" glow my new lanterns give in our bedroom Registered & Protected

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