Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Candy and Kiddos

Since there aren't any Sutton kiddos running around just yet, we played pretend parents for a night and took our little buddy Brian out for his first official "trick-or-treating". Brian's family owns the restaurant next door to our favorite coffee spot, so over the years he's become everyone's buddy. He was overwhelmed with excitement at the idea of receiving loads of free candy, and giggling at all the fellow kiddos in their costumes.
It was such a treat (no pun intended) seeing his face light up at each and every house, and watching him smile as his little pumpkin got heavier and heavier with all of the goodies! He was the perfect kiddo to take "Trick-or-Treating", and I'm so happy I was there to witness it!
(Alexis was there with her (empty) pumpkin for moral support.hehe)
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