Saturday, November 12, 2011


Last night was the annual "Marine Birthday Ball" celebrating the big 236th, so that meant it was time to whip out the evening gown, and dress blues for an evening downtown surrounded by other fellow Marines.But in true Sutton style, we had to make a quick stop to a coffee shop close to our heart and full up for the night ahead.

This was my second year attending the bash, which is crazy to think how much Chris and I's relationship has progressed so quickly. I could hardly contain a smile every time Chris introduced me as his wife, or I heard someone call me "Mrs. Sutton". Although the night was a beautiful one, It made me a bit sad to think about next year, and how we won't be able to attend. I would give anything for Chris to stay home, but it was nice to enjoy a night out in HIS element, and making me SO thankful to be married to such an amazing, and strong individual. Registered & Protected

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