Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh, Deer!

Growing up, I was blessed to have two amazing parents whom always made sure to be hands on with my siblings and I; taking us to the most magical places. One of these being a deer reserve, hidden on some back country road in Fairfield, which we would gather whatever fruits or veggies we had in the house so we could feed them. Although deer are no rare sight (especially here in Ohio), we were taught from early ages about all of God's creatures and the tiny details you can find throughout nature.
Since I've married and left the "nest", I've done my best to keep old traditions alive. It's easy to overlook the little things that make you happy, when LIFE decides to throw you curveballs, so Chris and I decided to escape for a bit and visit the country side. To this day I still feel like a child being face to face with a deer for the first time, putting up a struggle when all of the food is gone and it's time to leave. I love how God uses the simplest things in LIFE to remind us of what's important, and I can't wait to pass on the same traditions to my future kiddos as my parents did to me.

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