Monday, December 12, 2011

All Aboard!

 Keeping with the holiday spirit, the family and I headed downtown for the annual train display at the museum center. With Chris owning the title as a "Railroad Man" these days, he was naturally excited to see miniature replicas, of familiar areas he travels on a day to day basis, and I was delighted to spend quality time with my loved ones.
It was such a lovely way to spend a laid back Sunday afternoon, and after the festivities of the display tour were over, Chris gave me a tour of the rail yard where he works, and fed my brain with some of the history as well. Above all others, the time Chris and I spend just driving around immersed in conversation continues to be the moments I hold most near and dear. I love the idea of having no destination or plan...but just spend an indefinite amount of time to discover one. Registered & Protected

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