Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The perfect wake-up call!

 I'm constantly being told that I'm insane to wake up as early as I do, and my reply is always the same; "Why  waste time sleeping, when there's so many things I COULD be doing?" This morning only confirmed why I strongly believe in that statement, because not only did I get a head start on some candy orders, but I was also lucky enough to witness an early morning snowfall! As the Hubby stayed warm underneath the covers, Cee-Cee and I hung out on the balcony with ole Mother Nature, enjoying the bitter cold and falling snowflakes.It was hilarious to watch Cee-Cee run back and forth swiping at falling snowflakes and licking them off the floor as if they were candy.Sadly, the bit of snow quickly melted away, but it was the perfect start to the day, and reminded me of how the little things truly matter most in life. Registered & Protected

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