Thursday, December 15, 2011

Through the eyes of a Robot: Holiday Edition

I thought I'd make this entry short but sweet, by sharing some of the snapshots taking up space on my phone lately. Most of them have something to do with this current holiday season, and some of the things that have me "smitten" these days.
Chris and I are having fun with the preparations of our first Christmas as a married couple, but there have been lots of scary, and also exciting events just around the corner that have been overwhelming our thoughts. Keeping our spirits high (the best that we can), we are about to be challenged with some unknown possibilities that have definitely been testing our amounts of faith, but we have very high hopes for a blessing. Most of my focus has unfortunately been spent thinking about the "WHAT-IF'S" of tomorrow's results, but I appreciate those whom have had us in their thoughts and ask you to please keep those kind words coming our way! Registered & Protected

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