Sunday, January 8, 2012


Like most people, I too take time to make a list of goals for the new year; but unlike past years, I decided for 2012 I'd strive to accomplish a larger list of small improvements.Lets be honest, we've all set high standards for ourselves at one point or another, and became discouraged when a new year arrived and we had yet to accomplish them; so this is my way of avoiding that!
Here is my list of tiny TO-DO'S:
  1. Incorporate more color into my everyday wardrobe
  2. Quite biting my nails
  3. Start printing out personal photos, instead of keeping them on a hard drive
  4. Explore the city 
  5. Drink more tea
  6. Write more letters to loved ones
  7. Expand my blogging knowledge
  8. Invest in a sewing machine
  9. Find new sushi spots, with the Hubby
  10. Go on a VERY overdue Honeymoon!

Speaking of ch-ch-changes, I thought I'd share a throwback photo, of when I was a red head.
Although it was lovely, I think my drastic color changes are over for awhile; I'm a true brunette at heart! Registered & Protected

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