Thursday, January 19, 2012


Over the past several months, Chris and I have begun the search for children's books that we loved when we were young, to build a "Little Library" for the future Sutton kiddos. So far, we have a pretty stack of vintage reads we scored at antique shops, book stores, and while out thrifting. Not only will it be important to us that we read to our kiddos, but even more important on WHAT we read. We are straying away from the typical "Perfect Princesses" and "Prince Charming's", and searching for stories that portray life lessons, positive self-image, and modest values.
It's been fun flipping through the pages, bringing back such fond memories of the stories we read when we were itty-bitty; especially admiring all of the fun, vibrant illustrations! Can't wait until we can put our story-telling voices to use, and pass on our favorite stories to the next little generation! Registered & Protected

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