Friday, January 13, 2012

Semi-Snow Day

No surprise, what was supposed to be a crazy snowstorm (according to those lovely newscasters), turned out to be mostly bitter cold temps, but regardless I woke up to "some" snow and that's all that matters to this Winter lover at heart! I spent most of my day, cozy in the coffee shop catching up on a few of my favorite shows, listening to music,and discovering crafty new ideas for around the house(which in my opinion is the best way to spend some alone time).
Cee-Cee also wanted in on all of this Winter action, and although she wasn't fond of the  fluff beneath her paws , she seemed to think it was quite tasty! Hopefully this is only the beginning of seeing snowfall, because living in Ohio wouldn't be complete without getting snowed in for a day or two! Registered & Protected

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