Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweater Love

So far today has been nothing but extreme gloom, so it was the perfect excuse for a "sweater showdown" within my closet. Without hesitation, I opted for the newest sweater among the collection; a lovely knit pull-over I picked up yesterday for next to nothing. It's long enough to wear with tights, or comfy jean skinny's like I've been sporting today. Nothing is better than an effortless attire/hairdo, so soft oversized sweaters, and a messy bun are always my go-to's on cold/rainy days such as this one. 
Who said a chunky/patterned knit was only for Mr.Cosby? I'd say he had the right idea!
Now it's off to do some errands before the Hubs gets home from work, and we enjoy a simple night indoors, with good food and film!
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