Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Through the Eyes of a Robot:2012 thus far

With a new year comes new adventures with the Hubby, new obsessions, and new surprises. With the help of my phone, here is a collage of what I've been up to in the new year!

(from LEFT to RIGHT)
  1. Baking up batches of yummy Vegan treats
  2. Sprucing up a refurbished cabinet with fun new knobs, via "Anthropologie"
  3. Family game nights
  4. A new camera strap, via "iMoShop" (on Etsy)
  5. Date night with the Hubby (awesome movie by the way!)
  6. Finally starting my personal vintage Pyrex collection
  7. Pre-planning for some hopefully "soon-to-be" news
  8. Cute cups at the parents house
  9. Re-visiting an old drink obsession
  10. Our growing photobooth strip collection
  11. New thrifty jewelry finds
  12. Rainy day blogging... Registered & Protected

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