Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WHAT I WORE...and a little extra

It was a full day spent out and about with the Hubby, from doctor's appointments, to lunch/coffee dates and spending some time with the Fam; needless to say I needed something comfy for a long day ahead. I was delighted to wear a new sweater I picked up on sale from "Anthropologie"( in one of my very favorite colors), which I layered underneath a solid white cut-off for a polished appeal. 
(sweater-Anthropologie, collard cut-off-H&M, jeggings-Joe's Jeans, loafers-Thrifted, coat-Forever 21)

Aside from "What I Wore" today, Chris and I have given into our animal-obsessed spirits and adopted another kitten. We weren't sure if Cee-Cee was going to open up to the little fella, but after a few days of warming up to each other, we're confident little Leon (the cat professional) will be a great addition to our family! I mean c'mon, How ADORABLE is he!?! Registered & Protected

1 comment:

  1. I love this outfit so very much, you are adorable lady :)

    I esp. love the shoes, sweater and cute!

    Also, yay for kitties!! haha