Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The past few days have been a bit tough on the prego front, so I've really enjoyed taking it easy around the house, and focusing on a few new projects. A nightly yoga session has become a must, and is the greatest refreshment at the end of the day, giving me an amazing burst of energy; Chris even promised to join in on the fun. Although I've felt nauseous on and off, I'm trying my best not to give in, eating my normal amount  and staying active even if it takes a bit more willpower. Aside from my frustrating craving for coffee, I've been longing for the taste of "Arizona" diet green tea (which has been just sitting in the fridge, tempting me), but of course caffeine has been holding me back from indulging. Yesterday, to my surprise, I discovered a  DECAFFEINATED version which is new to store shelves, and totally made my day (It's truly is the LITTLE things that count ya'll!)
Although, I tend to be very independent, Chris has been wonderful and is always willing to run to the store if I'm physically unable. I'm taking full advantage of his help and presence,while he's still around , and experiencing pregnancy without him is going to be very strange.

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