Thursday, February 2, 2012

Celebration of Love

Sadly, Ohio hasn't been graced with much of the typical Winter this year like so many others in the past, but the beautiful weather over the last few days has been nothing to complain about.Yesterday I ached to be outdoors, so Chris and I headed to a nearby park to soak up the sun, and the overwhelmingly tranquil scenery. It was the relaxation, and refresher that both of us needed, which made the remainder of the day so easy and care-free. This post is a very emotional one for several reasons, but mainly because my time with Chris just grows more precious with each passing day, and unfortunately that scary deployment date is creeping closer very quickly; regardless I'm very blessed to have such a great guy, and God reminds me of that everyday.I strive to prove that you CAN be young and be in a HEALTHY marriage, as long as you work hard and trust in no one else but your partner and most importantly,God.
Today is my grandparents 60TH wedding anniversary (HOW AMAZING IS THAT!?), and it's made me so proud, and feel so blessed to have two awesome influences in my family! It's crazy that Chris and I will already be celebrating our ONE year anniversary only 3 months from now, and makes me so giddy just thinking about all the new,exciting memories to be made! I'm soaking up all of the knowledge and advice I can, while my grandparents are still able to grace the Earth, and I vow to carry it into my own life as I travel along in this crazy adventure called "MARRIAGE". Registered & Protected

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