Sunday, February 26, 2012


Today marks the beginning of my "8 weeks" as a prego machine, and although I don't feel drastically different, one thing that has definitely increased is my appetite. Normally, I eat three meals a day, and maybe   have a snack or two, but now it's as if everything I swallow disappears and I can never seem to get full. It's a little frustrating to never feel satisfied, but I make sure to keep on track with a healthy/clean diet, and not to eat just for the pure sake of eating.Thankfully with the little bursts of nausea I do have, It hasn't quite effected my appetite, and other than having some odd dislike for green beans all of  sudden, my diet has remained exactly the same. As for cravings, I've yet to have an overwhelming urge to eat anything out of the ordinary for me, but of course sweet potato fries are always the front runner for everyday cravings.
Yesterday, Chris and I decided on a lunch date at "Java Glaze Cafe", which has been my solid go-to spot for eating out. Since I'm eating for two now, I chose the "Malaysian Curry", with the "Three Bean Salad" as a side, and "Hummus Platter" for a starter; No shock, I was still hungry afterwards! Even though I may seem to have an endless pit of a stomach these days, I'm doing my best to enjoy every little/big change my body's experiencing, and most of all I can't wait to see that belly of mine get bigger and bigger! Registered & Protected

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