Friday, February 10, 2012


Today decided to be my best friend, and bring me overwhelming joy in the form of snow; my absolute favorite thing in the entire world(next to my husband of course!)Not only did I wake up to snowfall, but it remained totally consistent throughout the entire day, giving me more than plenty of time to enjoy it's presence. 
With Chris off tending to military duties, I spent a good portion of the day taking strolls outside,sipping on several iced coffees, confusing Baristas when ordering said ICED coffees, antiquing with my parents,and watching "Mighty Ducks" with the big Seester.
The weekend has only begun, and although my love is back to Marine business bright and early, I have cheering on my little cousins in pee-wee basketball, and lot's of family time to look forward to! Registered & Protected

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