Thursday, March 8, 2012


Dear Nugget,Yesterday, Papa and I visited the doctor's office to hear your heartbeat and receive our first ultrasound, after weeks of anticipation. Your "Mimi Webb" and "Nanna Sutton" also, joined us in the room, and were just as giddy to hear that little pitter-patter for the very first time. As the nurse began the ultrasound, everyone around me seemed to disappear and all I could hear was that fast pulsing heartbeat coming through the speakers. What seemed to last for only a few seconds, finally made your existence REAL, and a total sense of calm came over me.Although I couldn't see your Papa's reaction, he couldn't contain his excitement afterwards and even took one of your pictures to work to show you off. The nurse also measured you,  and to our surprise it turns out you're only seven weeks along instead of nine!Since yesterday, I've looked at your pictures over a dozen times and although we've still got a long road ahead, my love for you is already overwhelming!
XOXO Registered & Protected

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