Saturday, March 10, 2012


It doesn't seem long ago that we moved into our quaint, newlywed apartment, but truth is we've already seemed to outgrow the space. Now with a little one on the way, we decided to apply for a two bedroom but stay in our current vicinity since it's such a perfect location; most importantly it's close to family! Although were not moving until  next month, we've begun the chore of packing and organizing our "stuff"; it's crazy how much we've accumulated in just one year! Luckily, moving earlier than expected means Chris and I will have the opportunity to begin "NURSERY" prep together! It's such a relief, since we both anticipated his departure before we could move into a new apartment; plus I truly adore his input!
I'm overcome with excitement to start this new phase of our marriage, in a brand new home! Registered & Protected

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