Saturday, March 24, 2012


Between coffee and sushi, I'm not quite sure what my bigger addiction is, and not only am I addicted but it seems that I've rubbed off on Chris as well. Since we've been married, sushi has been our number one splurge when it comes to date-night's out; admittedly we look for any excuse for a sushi date these days.Not only is it pleasing to the palette, but we've made it a tradition to find the best sushi spot in each new city we visit; and with TWO trips coming up we have already began the research! So far St. Louis has landed the top spot for overall "SUSHI SATISFACTION", but with trips to Chicago and Dallas approaching soon that top spot is subject for change.We hope to see our list of cities grow tremendously throughout the years, and even though I have an overwhelming love for food, I have an even bigger love for our little "couple traditions".We love to pretend we're top notch food critics, and whether we truly are or not, It's just part of our own special bond. It's something we have a lot of fun doing, and though we're not looking for any type of  recognition for our reviews, there's NEVER a dull moment when spent with the Hubby. Most importantly, It's all about the MEMORIES! Registered & Protected

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