Thursday, April 26, 2012


I can't believe how fast time is flying by, because yesterday marked the first day of my SECOND trimester! Every morning I habitually check my belly growth in the mirror, hoping for an obvious change each time; It's most definitely my favorite part of being pregnant.Although it seems my headaches and nausea have no plans of subsiding anytime soon, I notice every little change with my body and honestly nothing is more amazing. At 14 weeks,  Nugget is about the size of a lemon , and can now squint, frown and suck his/her thumb!
Along with this exciting new pregnancy stepping stone, we also received some long-awaited news regarding the new apartment, and will be moving in just over one week! Regardless to say the Hubs and I spent a good chunk of the evening packing, patching holes, and doing some deep cleaning around the apartment. We're not only thrilled to have more living space, but to finally have a nursery and be able to relieve my parents from storing all of our baby furniture! Although moving day is only 3 days before my trip to Dallas, it might be a bit hectic, but I'm more than ready to settle into our new home. Registered & Protected

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