Wednesday, April 11, 2012


After four days that seem to be one big blur, the Sutton's are back in Ohio getting back into the swing of  the normal day-to-day routines. Chicago treated us particularly well, and we found ourselves quite sad to leave, bu there truly is no other feeling like "HOME SWEET HOME". Chicago was just the refresher we both needed, between top-notch food, gorgeous weather,and amazing hotel hospitality, the city spoiled us rotten. Most importantly, it was the best feeling to have a change of pace, and step away from television,and computers, and sincerely focus on our time together; needless to say I really enjoyed time away from all of it!
Of course my camera was one thing I didn't leave behind, so here is a small collection of photos we snapped during our getaway! Registered & Protected

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  1. such lovely photos, lady. looks like you had an awesome trip!