Monday, April 23, 2012


I adore days like today, when Chris is off work and we have zero on the agenda. I decided to document the day through photos, which I will strive to do once a week. Something simple and fun, giving you a glimpse into my day...
  1. Morning playtime with the feline kiddos
  2. Snacks and cellular for on the go
  3. Roasted brussel sprouts for lunch
  4. Denim and teal for a casual day out
  5. Baseball season with the cousins
  6. Being lazy with my little family
  7. Post game hunger fix for the Hubby
  8. Movie night
  9. Penne with mushrooms, vegan pepper jack, and tomatoes, for Mama
  10. Craft time with a lovely mustard color palette. Registered & Protected

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