Thursday, April 5, 2012


Yesterday to my complete and utter surprise, I woke up with a little more than what I went to bed with the night before; in the form of a baby bump that is. I suppose all of my constant wishful thinking did some good, because I'm anything but disappointed, and it's made little "Nugget" become even more of a reality (as if the endless fatigue, headaches, and nausea haven't already proven that).
Today marks the beginning of "WEEK 11", which makes me realize just how quickly time is passing, even though most days seem to drag; but regardless I become more and more giddy with each new day.Chris has been away at work for several days now, so he hasn't been able to experience the "bump-pandemonium" with me, but it's already my new obsession to check it out in the mirror more times than I should probably admit. Although I'm still in the early stages, being pregnant has already made me think more deeply about myself, my role as a wife, and all of the things I want to accomplish in life.It's still insane to think about my future role as someone's "Mama", but It's not something I'm intimidated by, I'm actually quite calm and collected by the thought of it all.I'm beyond thrilled to continue this journey, and most importantly share it with my best friend and husband by my side, whether his deployment follows through or not (*crossing fingers*).
Thankfully, The Hubs and I have a Chicago getaway to look forward to in the next couple of days, and we are more than ready to finally spend some much needed one on one time, away from the normal everyday routine.I'm ready to tackle a few last minute errands, followed by the dreadful art of packing tomorrow, then it's on the road bright and early Saturday! I'm a bit bummed I won't be present to celebrate Easter with the family, but I'm anticipating a nice refreshing trip, that's long overdue with my LOVE! Registered & Protected

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