Thursday, April 19, 2012


There has been lots to gush about in the Sutton household as of lately. Today marks 13 weeks on the prego train, and to make the day even more special, we get to see/hear our little Nugget via ultrasound in just a couple of hours! Aside from baby, we also received the overwhelming news that Chris's deployment has officially been cancelled; I can't even describe how relieved I am, that I will now have him by my side throughout this ENTIRE pregnancy journey!
The Suttons are one, happy bunch these days, and here are a few more things that have me smitten!

1.Staying busy with D.I.Y projects, like this "Flower Crown" I recently put together for an upcoming photo shoot.

2. I'm currently swooning over "Naked Zebra", a fun women's clothing line, filled with bright colors, unique shapes, and soft materials. I recently purchased a few items that are simply perfection, for this Spring season and ever-growing baby bump.

3.On our recent trip to Chicago, I purchased this lovely statement necklace that would be perfect for adding that POP of color to an outfit.

4. Although my Dr.'s appointment was only a day away, I anxiously decided to try out our "gifted" heart monitor yesterday, and to my utter surprise I found our little one's heartbeat! So naturally I'm addicted, and have used it four times in the past 24 hours; I can't get enough of  hearing that soothing pitter-patter.

5. When it comes to fashion/family/do-it-yourself, I can't get enough of Tori Spelling. From her precious little family to her creative personal style, I was thrilled when I heard of her new book "celebraTORI"; dedicated to all the need-to-knows about party planning. I'm looking forward to experimenting with some of her ideas, and hopefully throwing some parties of my very own, soon! Registered & Protected

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